Blow dry vs. Air dry?

Mon May 2017 / Published in Healthy Hair Tips & Tricks

It's up to the individual to blow dry daily or just let air dry. Most people that prefer to air dry have lower maintenance styles or curly hair. If you are going to blow dry everyday, that is perfectly ok, but you need to do it correctly. 

Make sure your hair isn't soaking wet before you add product and blow dry. Gently blot excess water with a towel.You will want to put a heat protector product in your hair before blow drying. Once you have done this, you'll want to comb through to have even distribution. Your hair is very fragile when wet, so it's very important to dry 80% before putting any styling tools in it. Do not hold the blow dryer closer that 5 inches from your head. Use a nozzle, it gives you control and direction you want the air to flow. Choosing a professional blow dryer is also important. A professional blow dryer won't dry out your hair as much as a store brand one. It will also last longer. 

The most common professional dryers are Ionic, Tourmaline, or Ceramic. Also with a professional blow dryer your drying time will decrease, because they dry your hair from the inside out.If you feel that your hair is getting to brittle from blow drying, take a break for a while. 

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